Daybora (Original founding member 2016- present) enjoys learning with her Goddess Sisters and finds herself in a constant search for as much belly dance knowledge as she can find. Belly dance is a passion to her. She finds joy in the sisterhood of belly dance. She loves sharing belly dance with her granddaughter and passing on the empowerment to the next generation.

Larissa (Original founding member 2016- present) feels that in finding belly dance she has found a place where she belongs. Dancing with her sisters is a joy that very few other things compare to.

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Aurora Rose (Original founding member 2016 - present) has focused on becoming a belly dance goddess. She loves the way belly dance can empower and encourage people to look at themselves in a new and often more confident way. She believes everyone has a right to love themselves.  She dances in honor of the women who went before her and those who will follow after. 

Coreena Moon stepped into her first belly dance class and fell in love. She has studied different forms of dance from the folk art of Appalachian Mountain clogging to classical ballet.  Dancing with her Sisters has brought encouragement into her life and she hopes it will bring joy to others.

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Deborah, the newest member of  the troupe, is thankful everyday that  her world collided with the Goddesses.  She is the owner of Studio D in Shippensburg PA where she teaches classes and specialty workshops. Known for her original choreographies, she has provided artistic direction for several troupes.

Deborah enjoys providing opportunities for women to learn, grow and shine.   She continues her own education through intensive programs, preferably ones that involve travel.